Thursday, April 27, 2017

Growin' like a Weed: Charlotte - 6 months

Height: 25" 
Weight: 16lbs 

Likes: Mommy, Mommy's milk, and being held by me! Rolling. But only back to tummy, she can't do tummy to back.  Sitting, playing in water, the bathtub, her big sisters and Daddy making her giggle! I'm not sure where to put this, but I want to remember it.  Y'all.  Her hands. They have always been my favorite part of her.  They are soft, warm, and oh so perfect.  She touches me and I melt.  I know she's not intentionally placing her hand on my side/hand/arm but to me, it feels like God.  A touch that radiates deep to your soul and lets you know that He is good.

Dislikes: If Mommy isn't holding her or in sight (unless she is sitting and playing like a big girl).  If she's laying down, I can't get more than ehhh 6 inches away before she rolls onto her tummy and fusses for me.  BLESS.  She also doesn't like her carseat, STILL, and she's not a fan of anyone holding her except me. Haha we play this funny, but oh so mean game, where I'll hand her off to someone, she'll get big teary eyes and her bottom lip will quiver, then I'll take her back and she'll smile/be totally fine! After about 4 round, we end the torture.

Sleeping: Naps, eh. Normally 3-4, 45 minute "crap naps" as I call them.  Every now and then she'll take a good nap 1.5-2ish hours, but that's rare, folks. She always wakes up happy though! She only wakes once at night to nurse (between 11:30 - 3) and wakes up happy in the morning with a big stretch and some precious babbling.  She can sleep in her bed all night AND she's starting to wiggle around and sleep in funny positions.  Depending on how tired I am is if she ends up nursing/sleeping in bed with me.  I'm still sleeping in her room on the twin bed because... A) that bed is amazingly comfortable   B)Daddy snores.

Eating: Still nursing LIKE A BOSS!  She's been amazing. Doesn't spit up, doesn't comfort nurse. Just eats, eats well, and goes on.  She's so sweet. SO sweet! I really feel like I'm going to miss nursing her. We're definitely bonding!!! I've also given her table food this past month, mainly food off of my plate (sweet potato, cantaloupe, strawberry, avocado, banana, pea.) I'll give her a bite or two during meal time/to keep her occupied, but it mainly ends up on her shirt.  The only thing she hasn't liked was a cold pea! 

Playing: I'm basically holding her all the time (helping her sit, helping her roll over, holding her at dinner, holding her while we walk/go places).  She plays but not really.  I think I need to be more intentional about putting different toys around her.  She's hesitantly independent and it's a really hard stage to balance playing with the bigs and protecting the little.  I need to look on pinterest/back at pictures from facebook on what B and T did during this stage. haha B was the same, good sitter but couldn't roll both ways.  T... couldn't roll at all hahaha but was a good sitter.  So funny!

Big Sisters: Mouth rinse, Scrunchose-e-Munchose (while not to gently squeezing her thighs), and chunka monka are Brooke's nicknames for this month.  Brooke is... how can I put this... ANNOYING when it comes to Charlotte but she's soooo helpful and so loving! The girls RUSH into her room in the morning to love on their sister before I nurse her. Brooke is always eager to run into Charlotte's room when she wakes from a nap too, especially if i'm busy and can't get to her.  She'll go in and talk to her/give her a toy to entertain her until I can get there.  Taylor is starting to mimic Brooke's volume/nicknames.  But when it's just Tay and Charlotte, T is so sweet and gentle and just wants to rub her sister, hold her, and talk in a sweet/quiet voice.  It's hilarious how big Charlotte is when T hold her! hahaha  I am amazed.  God is SO good! I probably never pictured my life like this but PRAISE THE LORD for it! I am content and thriving.  My life is filled with goodness and my heart is surprisingly calm.  My days are filled and I'm not depleted at the end of the day.  I'm filled with gratitude for our sweet family and God's rich mercy. 

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