Sunday, March 26, 2017

Growin' like a Weed: Charlotte - 5 months

Height: 24 1/4" 
Weight: 14lbs 3oz 

Likes: Mommy, Mommy's milk, and being held by me! Rolling. But only back to tummy, she can't do tummy to back.  She also LOVES pulling at my hair while nursing.  Sucker will wrap her little claws around my hair and tug, it hurts! Charlotte is a big fan of sitting up now, but she's still wobbly. 

Dislikes: Being in the car for a prolonged period of time (unless it's bed time, then she'll conk out).  She also doesn't like rolling onto her tummy and getting stuck.  It's IMPOSSIBLE to get much done because she keeps getting stuck on her belly! Brooke being all up in her face ALL.THE.TIME.  More about that later, folks. She's a pretty amazing little one, there's not much she doesn't like!

Sleeping: Naps, eh. Normally 3-4, 45 minute "crap naps" as I call them.  Every now and then she'll take a good nap 1.5-2ish hours, but that's rare, folks. She always wakes up happy though! Brooke rarely woke up happy :(  She loves getting ready for bed now and nurses like a champ.  She still wakes around 12 and maybe 4am to nurse.  I've found she'll fall back to sleep without nursing sometimes if I just lay her in bed and put my hand on her.  She's surprised me and slept in her crib a lot more!   

Eating: Nursing like a pro! Her favorite way to eat is laying down. It's precious, and comfortable... I love it! I'm not pumping, she normally eats well so I'm not engorged.  I've never felt like she's not getting enough and she rarely spits up.  She truly is a dream in this department!  Charlotte has been reaching for my food A LOT lately.  I'm a little bit nervous about food. A) it makes her poop stink B)More work for me to prep baby lead weaning type foods or purees. Oh well, one month to go before I jump into that. This is my 3rd kiddo and they've all survived (as have we). 

Playing: I'm basically holding her all the time (helping her sit, helping her roll over, holding her at dinner, holding her while we walk/go places).  She plays but not really.  She definitely likes sitting/being held the most. She's good at picking up toys and putting them in her mouth and she likes looking at/touching your shirt (high contrast colors/black and white).  She's so happy and truly seems like she's just taking it all in!  I've been trying to let her touch things more lately (produce at the store, hahaha, plants, sand, hair, water, etc.)

Big Sisters: Mouth rinse, Booska Booska and Scruncha-Muncha are Brooke's nicknames for this month.  Brooke is... how can I put this... ANNOYING when it comes to Charlotte.  Yes, I said it, but y'all... it's ridiculous.  I know she loves her, it's evident to see that because she's always squeezing her arms and legs, constantly laying on her or trying to tickle her. Oh yes, and doing a goose honking type noise, too. The poor child just need to give her some space! And the volume. Sweet Lord.  Praying Brooke heeds our advice and take it down a notch, or 5.  Taylor, on the other hand, is calm, sweet, quite, and gentle towards "Charlotte Ga-ray".  She talks to her in the most high pitched, sing songy voice.  Taylor has recently ERRUPTED in the verbal department.  Holy cow this kid is talking (and not focusing on eating dinner, or cleaning up toys) all the time! She is a ham, Charlotte is a butterball turkey, and Brooke is our sweet potato pie! Thanksgiving all the time! We are so blessed and couldn't imagine life without our little loves! I've also decided to not enroll the girls in church preschool and attempt homeschooling.  Prayers appreciated! 

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