Saturday, February 25, 2017

Growin' like a Weed: Charlotte - 4 months

Height: 24" 
Weight: 13lbs 9oz 

Likes: Mommy, Mommy's milk, and being held by me! She loves "talking" or caterwalling, it truly is high pitched and quite annoying.  She loves me "nibbling" her belly/ribs to get giggles out and she's the happiest when she's naked (she get it from her Daddy).  Haha bathtime, when she's on her changing table, whenever she's nude, she's happy! 

Dislikes: Loud, sudden noises (such as clapping, ice falling into a cup from the ice maker, the blender making a smoothie (to her defense, that sucker is loud).  She likes to be held, a lot an a lot of times she simply dislikes me laying her down. She also gets REALLY irritated if she's trying to hold a toy and she can't get it to her mouth. 
Sleeping: Napping pretty good in her crib, 3 naps a day, or 4.  She isn't swaddled and is a pretty chill baby.  Her naps are not long, but she seems to be content with what she gets. Every now and then she'll do a really good 2 hour nap.  It's mainly catnaps in between preschool pick up and drop off.  Bedtime fussiness IS getting better (thank you Lord).  She's still doing the same, sleeping from 7-12 then waking to nurse and I head to bed/throw her in the nursery twin bed beside me.  I kinda love it.  I am well rested and so is she. Win, win.  

Eating: Still nursing like a boss.  On demand. Eat, play, sleep schedule most of the time.  She rarely, if ever, spits up and seems to be gaining plenty of weight.  The combination of her being the 3rd, and her being awesome, makes nursing truly easy.  She hates nursing covers, and I don't pump.  She hasn't tried a bottle and she seems to tolerate my diet very well.  Praise the Lord for such an easy going baby! We thought Taylor was easy, but Charlotte has her beat! 

Playing: She can sit!  Yes, tripod mode, but she's realllly interested in being up right.  She likes to bat at toys and put things in her mouth.  She enjoys being on the trampoline and having Brooke bounce her (while she's safely seated in my lap, of course). And she is getting interested in her toes and hands.  

Big Sisters: Are precious! Brooke and Taylor share a room and share responsibilities around the house. Brooke is always eager to check on Charlotte when she's fussy or entertain her during dinner time, while conveniently being distracted from eating her own food.  I even got her to help change a diaper the other day.  She's sharing Mommy time a lot (when Charlotte takes a tiny nap during Tay's rest time). I'm really proud of her!  Taylor is so bubbly and silly.  She loves loves loves Brooke but has recently started biting and getting a bit sassy.  This month's nicknames are (drum roll please...) Mouth Rinse, and Fo Rizzle Rizzle.  I'm not making these up.  Brooke creates them, Taylor repeats them.  Bless!  I am content as a woman, wife, and mother.   Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

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