Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Growin' like a Weed: Charlotte - 8 months

Height: 25 1/2" 
Weight: 17.6 lbs

Likes: Mommy, Mommy's milk, and being held by me! Charlotte is now mobile! Cheers to the chick who couldn't roll from tummy to back and is not running marathons via a pretty sick one legged power crawl all around the house (and outside and over legs, sisters, and basically anything in her way!) She's trying her best to stand and enjoys her new found mobility. It's soooo much fun to see her little personality bloom! 

Dislikes: If Mommy isn't near. She can sense if I'm not in her general vicinity. It's ridiculous. She also doesn't like getting clothes on, her diaper changed or getting strapped in her car seat. I'm talking screams/kicks/grabs until you are done. It's rather irritating!  She's also not a fan of snuggling at bed/nap time. Often she pushes me away... sad face!

Sleeping: Two naps a day.  2-3-4 schedule.  Wakes around 6:30, naps 2 hours after she wakes up (normally an hour to 1.5 then is awake for 3 hours takes a 2 hour nap that normally coincides with Taylor's (PRAISE THE LORD). Once she wakes, it's 4 hours until bedtime! She nurses, sleeps until 11:30-2 ish, nurses, and sleeps until wake time.  90% of the time she ends up in the twin bed in her nursery with me.  Momma needs sleep too and her squishy snuggles are the BEST! 

Eating: Still nursing every 2-3 hours when awake and once at night.  I'm trying her on foods now (pouches, applesauce, bananas, avocado, sweet potato) or anything I'm eating and choose to Momma Bird (chew up and feed to her). Her favorite food is Great Value brand Nacho Cheese chips... haha I kid you not!  She's a good little nurser still and I haven't tried her on a bottle or sippy cup yet.  I need to research more food options. I really only give her puffs, veggie straws, or something off my plate at dinner.   

Playing: With everything! The big girls are constantly getting told to put small toys away. Charlotte can, and will grab EVERYTHING in sight and put it in her mouth.  Though she's not a drooly kid (praise the Lord!) She tolerates the swing outside and REALLLLLLY likes splashing in a tub of water.  She's entertained very easily and truly is a joy to be around (except when I try to set her down so I can do something productive with two hands). Grrrr I lay/sit by her all day long and it does get frustrating that I'm not as productive/involved with the bigs. Like I can talk to them a lot and interact, but physically, I can't really lug ol' Jukey Cheeks aka Charlotte with me EVERYWHERE. This too shall pass, this too shall pass.

Big Sisters:  Debby (no lie Brooke calls her Debby more than she calls her Charlotte),  Debby Libs Grace Dowdy, Picky booty, and MoMo are Brooke's nicknames for this month.  Brooke is still crazy and loud around Charlotte most days. But she is also VERY sweet and loving. She's super helpful and always takes the initiative to cheer up Charlotte if she's fussing.  This is my main rub... Brooke is on/around her allllll day, which means she's constantly tugging at me because I'm holding Charlotte (or Charlotta as I call her a lot, haha) and it truly is annoying.  I lose my cool, a lot because it's just a bit much. Taylor always asks to hold Charlotte when she gets up from a nap, and will let Charlotte play with her face/snuggle her.  She's reallllly getting loud when she greets her sister from nap time, but is all giggles and joy-filled.  She is a monkey see monkey do kinda gal and we're praying she doesn't pick up on Brooke's "tendencies" and maintains a gentle nature.  Love, love, love these 3 and I couldn't imagine life without them! Praise God for our little loves. 

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