Monday, September 17, 2012

Baby Shower #1: Church Gals

(I'll add pictures later...)

Once again, Charles and I are so very blessed to have such amazing friends and a true church family in the sweet little town of New Bern!  We adore this place and it has been amazing moving to a town, where we knew no one and making it home.

Our church recently (okay within the last 2 ish years) switched to Life Groups instead of Sunday morning BFG's (Bible Study Fellowship Groups) because they needed the space for preschool class rooms and our expanding church membership.  So, we created a little group out of some friends in our neighborhood and other close couples near by.  These people have been AMAZING!!! What a blessing to have fellowship in their homes studying the word of God!

So the first shower was at the "Living Room" at our church.  It was GORGEOUSLY decorated with precious tissue paper puffs and everything was just perfect!  There was music playing, nice dim lights, and tons of friends to share the blessed event with.  It was seriously right out of Pinterest perfect! haha

Here's the hosts... LOVE THESE LADIES!

It was a Saturday 10-12 (haha or til 1:30) shower so we had a delicious brunch menu.  mMm breakfast casserole, mini bagles and cream cheese, fresh fruit, monkey bread, mini strawberry cupcakes with cream cheese icing, coffee, and a really delicious punch! I think I went back for 3rds and spent most of my time after opening presents chatting in front of the food table... haha oops!

They had adorable invitations (pink, gray, white and aqua), a precious banner that we hope to hang in our home/on the front porch and get a picture when we come home from the hospital with our little lady!

Needless to say, these ladies went above and beyond the call of duty (AS THEY ALWAYS DO). I am sincerely thankful for each of these ladies role in my life.

Megan is a mom of 1 adorable little guy (who Charles and I seriously want to steal and call our own... too bad he looks EXACTLY like his dad, so we couldn't really pull that one off) haha.  She's expecting twin boys and just such a great encourager!  We use to go on walks together around the neighborhood all of the time and she's a fantastic host that welcomes us into her home for our weekly life group meetings.  I can't wait to call her and ask her random newborn questions :) Pray for her and the next few weeks and life with 3 boys!!! I'm super jealous! Oh yes, and she'll be giving up her job as a teacher this year to stay at home and take care of her crew, she use to be an elementary school teacher and is one of the story tellers in the kids ministry so I also have the blessing of serving with her and her hubby!

Next, we've got a classy and super creative beautiful girl, Melissa, who I've grown to love! haha it was one of those, "ehhhh I don't know if I'm going to like her" when I first met her because she was bubbly and personable, like me, but she was way skinnier and prettier than me (cough cough, stupid girl i.e. me being jealous, always...).  We have found SO many things we have in common (SYTYCD, being crafty and creative, and just enjoying time together!) Our hubby's also have become pretty good buds and like to play sports/work on manly house projects together sometimes).  They are moving soon ... :( and it is going to be so sad to see them go.  She is an Art teacher and has an amazing gift at making beautiful jewelry!!! Little Miss Brooke will only get a little bit of time with Melissa before she leaves, but we're praying it sparks a fire for them to start a family :) haha

And last, but not least is a sweet sweet friend, Candice, who I've actually known since high school.  Okay, knew of her but didn't  know her.   Haha we both grew up in the same home town and our husband's were great buds growing up (they later were college roommates and then roommates in New Bern because they both found employment there after college, CRAZY).  So we always find it hilarious how similar our stories are (and the ridiculous amount of inside jokes our hubbies share).  Anyways, she is so stinkin' amazing! Literally, always a spotless house, makes the YUMMIEST food (introduced me to ooey gooey bars, thaaank you!).  She is always super busy but makes it look easy! Yes, another school teacher, who is in grad school, who is always making something or her home or for someone else, an AMAZING example of a Godly woman!  Not to mention THEY HAVE A DANG FARM IN THEIR BACK YARD! haha okay, chickens, pigs, and dogs... but still, they are so sweet and it's a blessing to be her friend!

So there ya go!  Shower #1 was full of laughs, yummy food, amazing presents, and wonderful Godly women who I have been so grateful for, in so many ways since we've joined Temple Baptist/lived in New Bern.  There are some of these ladies who have grown kids, others who are new moms, and some who are just starting out their married lives.  I hope and pray that these relationships will flourish and grow in new and exciting ways as we all gracefully navigate our way through our unique and exciting lives.

I love y'all to pieces!!! Thank you again to Candice for the pictures!  She was snapping them during the event and I had no idea, so stealth! haha She and her hubby actually hid in the dunes at Emerald Isle and photographed/video taped our engagement. She also took our engagement pictures and hopefully we'll find some time to do some maternity pics soon! haha once again, so blessed!

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