Tuesday, May 29, 2012

You make beautiful things: Gender Prediction

Wow, 17 weeks!  Almost 1/2 way in my pregnancy :)  Tomorrow at 4pm we get to have our hour long ultrasound to find out the sex of the baby and make sure everything is okay!  That's the biggest thing here... A HEALTHY BABY!  In all honesty, we care very little if we have a boy or a girl, but what we want most is a growing baby with a chance at life, we're ready for the challenge of becoming parents and cannot wait to see our little one again tomorrow!

My husband made a sweet comment the other day, "Babe, it's like we're meeting our child for the first time!" Yes, we've seen Baby B on 2 ultrasounds, one the size of a popcorn kernel, the 2nd we could decipher head, arms, mouth, etc.  Tomorrow, we will find out if we're having a boy - Troy James or a girl - Brooke Grayson!  Please pray that all goes well at our appointment and the little one is cooperative :)

Well, being the silly gal I am ... I decided to try a couple of the "Old Wives Tales" to guess our little one's gender :

1. The Chinese Gender Calculator:
2. Gender Quiz

3. Craving sweet (girl) or savory (boy)? Both... but salty more so. BOY
4. If the baby’s father puts on weight during pregnancy (it's a boy) - Nope, he's lost about 10 lbs!  GIRL
5. The Ring Test. Suspend a pure gold ring over the pregnant belly. If it swings left to right, it’s a boy. If it rotates, it’s a girl.  It rotates ... GIRL
6. The Key Test. If the pregnant woman picks up a key from the thin end, then it’s a girl.  BOY
7. You didn't experience morning sickness in early pregnancy...barely any! BOY
8. Your baby's heart rate is less than 140 beats per minute - Higher... GIRL
9.  You are having headaches it's a boy. Um, yes... many headaches :(  BOY
10. You are moodier than usual during pregnancy you are having a girl - haha I have less of a filter and say what I think sooooo... GIRL

Well, that was fun! haha Looks like the very unofficial, unscientific tally is : 6 for BOY and 4 for GIRL

If my vote counts... I say BOY. I have yet to feel like it was a little lady growing inside of me, but I could be completely wrong! Either way the kid will be ridiculously adorable and so very loved :) 


  1. they say mother's intuition is right 80% of the time :) excited for you to "meet" your baby!

  2. Interesting... haha well your little Olive is PRECIOUS so a little girl wouldn't be bad either! Hope you're loving motherhood :)

  3. Okay here's one for you... that I heard A LOT when I was pregnant with Isla:

    "Oh, you must be having a girl, because she has stolen all your beauty!"


  4. haha No way !? (and that could never be true) :) Those people are ruthless! Seriously from everything I've read on your blog, they just don't have a social filter... they say or do what they want to, when they want to! Hope y'all are doing well!