Thursday, March 3, 2011

Good Finds : It's been a while :)

Well hey blog friends :)

Have you missed me ??? While gone I traveled to LA with work, started volunteering at church with the children's ministry leading praise and worship, and I got the flu :( Sorry I neglected you ... I do hope you forgive me !

So, I'm back, but I really don't have much to share, haha. So here it goes :)

Praise the Lord my 2 year contract with US Cellular was up at the end of February so I started researching unlimited cell phone plans and phones.  Let me tell you, individual plans are EXPENSIVE !!! Charles has a phone as part of his work contract, so thankfully, we don't have that expense :)  He just switched to Verizon and got a Droid Incredible, I was jealous, and had never owned a smart phone so I began researching.  Verizon has the best service ... I like to call it "the Cadillac of Cell phone companies" and well I've always been the kinda girl to look for the best value, so Verizon was out for me ( yeah and just in case you were wondering, an individual unlimited plan with corporate email is like $115 a month ... not gonna happen in the Barrett household!!!)

Sooo I'm really not going to bore you with all the info... I'll just skip to the decision...

Yep, I was really gutsy and tried out the el cheapo plan with the cheesy commercials :) haha And I am very happy with the decision so far !  Being a COM major with a concentration in Media and on the Marketing Team at work and not owning a smart phone was really getting me down. 

                                                                      So I got this one :)

No, it's not an iphone or even a "good" Android Phone ... but it is a smart phone with some awesome features.

The other great thing about this plan is ... NO CONTRACT !!! Say whaaaaaaaaaaaat ?! Yep, Unlimited EVERYTHING for only $60 a month thank you very much ! Virgin Mobile is on the Sprint network so you get whatever coverage Sprint has, for me... that's 3G baby :) Once again, great decision.

So Charles and I still think this plan is too good to be true :) haha So I said "oh no babe, they might not let me be a part of their club, "VIRGIN" Mobile ... I'm married and well ... haha Charles laughed and well, Virgin let me in the club and didn't even ask me if I was or wasn't a ... well you know !

So the best part is, I can go into a Sprint store and they can help me with whatever I need ! That great :) SO a good phone, a great plan, nice service, and excellent customer service, what a huge blessing !  Welp, I'm very happy to be a smartphone owner and I haven't stopped downloading apps since I activated my service ... feel free to share any fun apps with me !

Hope you have a great day !
It's good to be back :)

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