Wednesday, March 30, 2011

From our kitchen to yours : Meat and Potatoes

mMm I can say it proudly ... we are DEFINITELY a meat and potatoes kinda family!  I think I could eat potatoes in some way, shape, or form EVERY SINGLE DAY OF MY LIFE !!!  My favorite are red potatoes but I will grab a bag or two of russet when they are on sale :)

Oh yes, and did I ever mention my husband works with farmers ??? Notice the AMAZING hunk of meat on that plate! (sorry for cutting off your head shug) Yep, FREE.  Yep, the most delicious steak I think I've ever eaten in my life ! 

His steak was so big he had to use a whole large plate for it ! No worries, he didn't eat it all :)

Oh okay back to potatoes :) I'm the unofficial mashed/roasted potato queen around here ... those two are perfected stapels in the Barrett house.  Soooo I thought I'd try something new :) Ever seen a Hasselback Potato ? Yeah me neither.

Basically, you take a potato, peel it, slice it many times, sprinkle it with EVOO, lots of garlic and seasoned bread crumbs, bake at a really high temp for a fairly long time, eat and enjoy !

Well, I was lazy so here's what I did :
1. Washed potatoes, didn't peel
2. Oven heated to like 425
3. Put the potato in a large plastic serving spoon and unscientifically cut little slits until I hit the sides of the spoon.
4. Melted butter and EVOO and rubbed/poured into the sliced spud
5. Took prepared bread crumbs and mixed with garlic/oregano/parmesan seasoning out of a shaker and sprinkled onto the top.
6. Placed on a well greased Pyrex pan and cooked for 50 minutes.

Yum !!! They looked great and tasted good :)  The skins did make the potato tough (will peel next time)... and I should have sliced down a little farther on the potato to let it fan out more.  Anyways, success and a great way to look like you're an amazing cook for company !

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