Thursday, March 31, 2011

Crafty Creations: Diaper Wreath

Well hey again :)

Seriously I go from blog drought to blog flood! Sorry I will try to evenly space out my creativity and free time and give y'all a better Grin and Barrett spread (yeah right !) haha okay A LOT of my friends are having babies right now !  Soooo I wanted to be creative with gifts.  I made these last night but I still have some finishing touches before they are complete.

What you need
1 Styrofoam wreath - yeah could't find one ANYWHERE so I made my own out of a cardboard box (traced a large pizza pan for the outer circle and a small plate for the inner.  Cut out with a sharp pair of scissors and tried not to bend the cardboard.

Diapers - It took about 19-20 diapers per wreath.  I bought size 1 ... newborns seemed a little to small to wrap around the wreath form.

White no snag elastic bands - I got mine at the dollar tree, a pack of 500 for $1

Toys/Pacifiers/etc - To jazz it up !

Curling Ribbon - To tie on embelishments and to add some flair

1. Pick a spot on the wreath and begin ! 
2. I took each diaper, opened it up (held front and back and gave it a nice little tug). 
3. Folded each side of the diaper in (about an inch towards each other to meet in the middle and to make to smaller to fit around the form and not look bulky)
4. With design side (front side) facing out, put the crease of the diaper on the inside of the wreath.
5. Secure diaper on the outside of the wreath with one small rubber band
6. Repeat until your ring is full.
7. "Fluff" ends of diapers and rearrange to make sure most of the form is covered.


Closer view of the diapers
Finished wreath !
I have seen other diaper wreaths where each diaper is tied with ribbon in a knot, and I thought the individual, small rubber band would be easier to take of when you actually need to use the diapers :)

Next, add embelishments (toys, pacifiers, ribbon,etc.)

I found these cute rattles/squeeky stuffed animals at Walmart for $2 a piece
Sorry I don't have a final finished product :(  I don't want to ruin the surprise if any of the mommy's to be actually read my blog !

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