Monday, January 3, 2011

Good Finds : Tribe Origins Hummus $2 off 1 !!!

Soooo being the 1/2 Greek gal I am ... I love me some good hummus ! Not too garlicy not to lemony but just right with some pita bread or a whole wheat sandwich round ... yum ! So to start the new years off eating healthy, I googled hummus coupon today and look what I found !!!  (yeahhh just follow on the link, you'll be happy you did !!!)

So I ran to walmart and it was on sale for $2.98 ... with this $2 off coupon it was 98 cents for some delicious hummus !!! The coupon is good until 4/30/11 so I will be stocking up (they says it freezes well too) ! 

Lunch today :

Soo yummy !

There are many flavors but I stick with the original

Delicious grapes

Finished it up with a nice tall glass of water :) Happy eating in 2011 ... delicious, full of flavor and healthy !


  1. YOU. are amazing. Thank you for finding this awesome coupon! I'm a hummus freak, too. :)

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  3. Surething !!! I am about to go buy some more and freeze it !