Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Good Finds : Dry Shampoo War

Yep, I'm one of those gals who doesn't wash their hair everyday ... or every other day.  Ehhh it's more like everyother other day :)  No there are not flies buzzing around my head, nor is my hair plastered to my head with greasiness ... I'm blessed !

I use to use this (before all of these fancy dry shampoos came out )

Just a little bit on the roots of your hair soak up the oil, but the smell isn't my favorite.

Boy was I excited when this came out ! But it was/is way too expensive !

While browsing at Walmart the other day I saw this ... Yes I am a Suave kinda girl :) I love the expensive shampoos/conditioners but I have found Suave works just fine, and the price is right !

Half the price of Tresemme, smells better, AND works better !

Tresemme was too wet, it left my hair feeling stiff and it didn't give me any body, it didn't smell good and for my darker hair, I had to work really hard to get it to brush in.  Haha I thought I was getting gray hair and I had Charles come over to look and he said it was just the dry shampoo :) What a good hubby ! (but seriously I think he's right !)

Sooo Suave, has a smell similar to Aussie products, you know the really sweet smell (it takes a little while to get use to) BUT it works really well, not too wet, not to white and easy to blend into my hair !

Once again... the "cheap chic" wins !!! Seriously girls, stop spending money on expensive beauty products, they are a waste of money :)

See :) Looks good eh ? Oh yeah and I think I washed my hair yesterday... but it may have been the day before ?
Eh, who cares :)


  1. your hair looks great!! i'll definitely have to give these two a try!

  2. well, Kim, when you get tired of Suave, you should definitely try Tigi- "dirty little secret" Its the best dry shampoo around (coming from a hairdresser ;)

  3. Thanks Linley !

    Kellie ! How much is Tigi ? See I like cheap stuff ! haha the suave is only like $2.50 for a can :)

  4. omg, i wish i read this earlier!

    my hair is super frizzy and curly, so day number two and three for me always ends up in a ponytail.

    i bought the tresemme for curly hair product yesterday (i had a dollar off coupon). i used it this morning and it got rid of some of the frizz but doesn't really preserve the curls. but, it's good enough.

    when i empty this bottle, i check out the suave stuff! i too like living on the cheap!

  5. I didn't know you blogged Ciara ! I'm glad I found yours :) I don't know how Suave works for curly hair but it's worth a try for the price !!!

  6. thanks for the great reviews! i have been wanting to train my hair to not be washed every day.

  7. totally there. i don't wash my hair every day either. it's just not happening here. there! it's out! feels good to be among friends;)