Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Good Finds : The QUICK Carry

Alright so I'm going to use this blog to show you some neat stuff I've found and find useful.  Just a warning to all you readers our there I am cheap, thrify, frugal ... however you want to say it I have a hard time letting go of a dollar (haha Charles would disagree).  I make a weekly trip to the Dollar Tree (where everythings a dollar or less) and the local Goodwill to treasure hunt!  If you have never done this,  I suggest you give it a try! 

Okay on to my most recent find - The QUICK Carry ($1 @ Dollar Tree)

I work 45 minutes away from home which makes it very difficult to go grocery shopping once I get home because well, all I want to do is be home !  We do most of our shopping at Walmart (you will see this in all of my recipe pictures to come).  Thankfully there is a full size fridge/freeze at work so I can go to Walmart at lunch, buy groceries and store them chilled until my drive home.  I don't know if you have the same problem as me but those plastic bags can be heavy !!! Numerous times I have tried to carry way to many at a time and it made blood come to the surface, ouch ! Don't even get me started about trying to open a door with the bags in hand too (I always pray someone will be walking back into the office at the same time as me).

This little invention is a life saver !  As you can see, it holds numerous bags and gives you a semi-comfortable central location to grip.  There are a few issues though... The yellow opening is rather small, thus only good for thin plastic handles.  Also you have to make sure the latch is securely closed before you begin carrying the bags if not the weight of the bags will start bending the plastic.

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