Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Crafty Creations : Easy Crochet Beanies

My mom taught me to knit growing up... I made a few things, mainly scarves and other small projects.  Now, I work for Caron International and I have picked up the skill of crochetting.  It's sooooo much easier than knitting and is way faster too!  My most recent project of choice has been beanies (i.e. a tight fitting toboggan).  These take me anywhere from 30 minutes (for a baby hat) to 2 hours (an adult size).  I have found these are awesome gifts that friends with babies love :)

Just a warning to anyone in our BFG that is pregnant you will be getting one for your child so go ahead and let me know what color you'd like !

                             (Double crochet in Simply Soft Collection Vanilla)

           (Flip side of double crochet with cuff in Simply Soft Collection Aqua Mist)

             ( Single crochet with double crochet accent in Simply Soft Chocolate)

Here are two happy wearers of my recent creations :) 

Zac ( you can read his mom's awesome blog)  And my nephew Rhett with Simply Soft Chunky Forest Floor

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