Thursday, October 15, 2015

Growin' Like a Weed: Taylor - 9 Months

Height: 27in

Weight:  18lbs 3oz

Likes: Mommy, being held, music, chewing on EVERYTHING (especially things she shouldn't have... my keys, leaves, water bottles, grass, shoes, etc.)  Taylor LOVES smiling and seems to really enjoy her new found mobility! She's really good at crawling now and enjoys pulling up on everything!  She's not trying to cruise yet, but we know it will be soon. Taylor likes to be outside and really loves taking naps, haha by that I mean I have to wake her up from 75% of her daytime naps.  Praise God for a good sleeper! 

Dislikes: DIAPER CHANGES.  Poor thing has pooped every diaper for the last 2 weeks and her lil  big booty is raw.  She still HATES putting on clothes and HATES Mommy putting her down when she doesn't want to be independent.  Car rides longer than 20-30 minutes are still torture and sitting in her high chair, or a stroller is normally short lived.  I don't like that she doesn't like her high chair... I hold her or sit with her on the floor for most meals.  

Sleeping: Wakes up and starts the day around 6:30-7, awake for 2.5 to 3 hours then naps (1-2 hrs), awake for 3 hours, another nap, awake until bedtime (7:30-8ish).  She wakes once (anywhere from 2-4) to nurse but goes without waking some nights.   She really is a pretty good sleeper though! We're very blessed and she's so dang adorable laying there in her crib :) 

Eating: Still going strong nursing.  She'll eat the occasional bite or two of whatever we're eating at meal times and she's a beast at using her pointer finger and thumb to pick up cheerios, peas, carrots and puffs!  She's CONSTANTLY grabbing at my plate (remember before, chick sits on MY LAP, not her high chair to eat) and I am pretty much covered with food at.all.times.  Ice cream and smoothies still seem to be her favorite.  Confession: My go to restaurant is Golden Corral. It's PERFECT because she and B are free and I can put whatever in front of her, mainly from the salad bar and she can make a big ol mess while I stuff my face!  Don't judge.  Try it sometime! And the poor child still doesn't have any teeth... but at least her hair is growing! Can I get an amen! 
Playing: EVERYTHING.GOES.IN.HER.MOUTH.STILL  So she doesn't really "play" she just licks or "noms" on things, as we affectionately call it.  She she started saying Dada (first word) Mama, baba, and like a heyyy sound.  She also shakes her said when we do in a no back and forth motion. She claps and plays peek-a-boo like a BOSS!  She's pretty dang adorable, yet still quite frequently mistaken for a boy.  I'd have to say she's most active when we're playing in the "back room" and laying on the floor.  She gets courageous and crawls all over, pulls up on things, "talks" and kinda gets lost in her own little world! She's precious!

Big Sister: Is enjoying pre-school!  I don't really know much of what goes on M-W-F from 9-12 but I do know she knows the days of the week now, can count on her fingers, and has memorized a ton of songs!  We've also gotten a taste of the wrath of Brooke.  Yes ladies and gents, we're talking screaming, back talking, hitting, pulling hair, pushing, flat out disobedience and the ever-so-lovely "MOMMY. I. DON'T YOVE YOU!"  Yep, the first time it hurt, but the 30th, stings a bit less.  Praying for a way to help this sweet soul control her anger and learn to calm herself when she gets frustrated.  She loves pushing her "sissy" down, snatching toys from her, and saying "no no no Tayur" to basically anything she does.  Hold on lil momma. We're in for a wild ride with you strong willed but oh so beautiful child! 

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