Saturday, September 12, 2015

Growin' Like a Weed: Taylor - 8 Months


Weight:  16 lbs

Likes: Me, still. She loves Daddy, don't get me wrong. But 9 times out of 10, you'll find her in my arms or close by me.  She's having fun trying to crawl now, so you can't leave her anywhere alone, except on the floor or in her crib (I know, I know, you shouldn't LEAVE an 8 month old alone, I just saying you can't set her down any more without her trying to go somewhere!)  She likes grabbing everything (plates, food, hair, pot on the stove, nail clippers) You've gotta watch that little turkey all time!  She seems to really like high pitched noised and talking and dogs close up to her face make her laugh. Wow. That was random! Oh and bath time... she could stay in the water forever! 

Dislikes: She really doesn't like getting her clothes changed still. I can get the shirt over her head, and she's OK but then those chunky arms squeezing through the little holes and some outfits are a little snug around her thighs #thestruggleisreal #shegetsitfromhermomma  She still dislikes sitting in her high chair, or stroller or exersaucer for any length of time.  And she really doesn't like getting snapped into her carseat. Oh yes, and she HATES car rides over 20 minutes. 

Sleeping: Wakes up and starts the day around 6:30-7, awake for 2.5 to 3 hours then naps (45 mins to 2 hrs), awake for 3 hours, another nap, awake until bedtime (7:00 - 7:40 ish).  She wakes once (anywhere from 12-2) to nurse and has been hopping in bed with me after that wake up because if I put her in her crib, she plays and keeps me up.  I. NEED.SLEEP.  She really is a pretty good sleeper though.  One night she went 11.5 hours, and my boobs hurt, and leaked everywhere. It really doesn't bother me that she wakes once to nurse.  Charles snoring annoys me more! 

Eating: Still going strong nursing.  She'll eat the occasional bite or two of mashed potatoes, bananas, squash, whatever pouch Brooke has open, but she doesn't seem really interested in anything except my dang ice dream cone from chik-fil-a.  So funny! She LOVES putting her mouth all over it, and taking little licks of my morning smoothie.  I guess I should start trying her on a sippy cup and just skip bottles.  Needless to say, I don't get very far from her and I'll pretty much nurse her anywhere. But I'm not one of those whip out my boob wherever gals, T needs it quiet and still gets pretty distracted. 

Playing: EVERYTHING.GOES.IN.HER.MOUTH.  So she doesn't really "play" she just licks on things.  She's gotten really verbal and "sings"/babbles REALLY LOUDLY most of the day.  She likes to roll, and sit, stand, and scoot.  She hasn't crawled yet but she has started going from her tummy, to sitting! It's pretty awesome. Her favorite toys are probably balls or spoons.  She loves spoons.

Big Sister: STARTED PRE-SCHOOL! haha last week. And it's only 3 hours a day, 3 days a week.  She seems to really like it and we've gotten pretty positive feedback so far from her teachers.  Brooke has also started on a terrible track of not listening.  "Brooke don't take Taylor's toy..." Brooke takes toy.  "Brooke don't push Taylor over..." Brooke pushes Taylor over.  "Brooke, lets get dressed..." Brooke walks away and acts like she never heard you.  "Brooke lets finish eating..." Brooke dawdles and fusses when you tell her dinner is over. Then she cries and says "I'm HUNGRWEEEE" and is upset she didn't get a treat.  Whooooo wee. We've had some rough days. Taylor laughs when Brooke is getting in trouble ;) Sweet, sweet girls!

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