Friday, February 10, 2012

Good Finds: Marriage on the Rock

Yes, notice I said ROCK not ROCKS... haha when I told my mom a few years ago that Charles and I were going to a new Bible Study "Marriage on the Rock," she said something like "oh no! You've only been married a few months and you're going to MARRIAGE ON THE ROCKS!?"

haha yes, we get that reaction a lot when we tell people the name of the class.  Marriage on the ROCK is an amazing way to grow in your marriage and build a firm foundation on the Lord... something I think is ESSENTIAL to marriage! Seriously, I've said this time and time again... I think most marriages don't survive because they aren't set on the principles of love and grace that we've been taught by our faith.  Okay, okay... Insert negative comments from people of other religion (or lack there of), I hear ya, but once again... this is my blog and my perspective.  I can tell you this, in my short 3 years of marriage, I am probably MORE in love with this man than the day I married him, I don't know about you but I don't know how many couples could say that. 

From the overflow of my love for the Lord, I love my spouse. 

Yes, ladies and gents... here's how it goes in order of importance/rank
1. God
2. Spouse
3. Kids
4. Parents
5. Others (friends/coworkers)

Yes, God is first and is always first. You should NEVER love anyone or put anyone or anything above him.  I agree, it's hard. Then, your spouse. 

NEXT is your kids, if you have them, your kids are your offspring but, your relationship with your spouse is first and foremost, DO NOT NEGLECT YOUR SPOUSE ONCE YOU HAVE KIDS, and DO NOT LET THE KIDS HAVE CONTROL OVER YOUR LIFE, you are the adult, you need to show them, in love, the order to which they should live their life also. 

After God, your spouse, your kids, comes your parents... once you get married, you "leave and cleave", meaning,  you're a big boy or a big girl and you need to venture away from the shelter and safety of mom and dad's money and develop your own life and traditions with your spouse.  I'm not saying, don't ever spend time with your families, what I'm saying is, make your parents proud and show them that they taught you well.  Honor your "new family", you and your spouse, by taking their advice and working through difficulties with them, and don't go running home to mom and dad to fix things.

wow, sorry I didn't write this post intending to write all of that... but I'm glad I did :)

So, tonight, Charles and I, are going to an event at our church called, Marriage on the  Rock Simulcast.  A 2 day event lead by Jimmy and Karen Evans from California (they are great speakers) on many important marriage topics.  We're excited, VERY EXCITED to do whatever we can to combat societies weak support of the union of a man and a wife in holy matrimony.  Hopefully I'll remember to blog about it next week. 

If you are married, seek the Lord and love your spouse by inventesting in strengthening your bond.  If you aren't married yet, be encouraged... Marriage is amazing and when you find "the one", you'll experience love as you never have before.

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