Monday, February 13, 2012

From our kitchen to yours: Valentine's Biscuits

haha okay, I lied ... this isn't a "from our kitchen"post, but it's a food related post so I think the label works!  I think I've told you guys before, I LOVE BREAKFAST and my favorite breakfast food is a warm, flaky, southern BISCUIT! No, no, no, dear one... NOT that refridgerated dough they call "buttermilk biscuits," but a real fluffy, buttery BISCUIT! haha, sorry, I'm not yelling at you, I'm simply emphasizing the word "biscuit." :)

Anyways, tomorrow is Valentine's day... and you know what this girl wants in her belly (okay yeah, a baby) but do you know what else she craves... a HEART SHAPED BISCUIT! Call me simple, but seeing a heart shaped morsel brings me joy! 

Chik-fil-a and Bojangles both have heart shaped biscuits tomorrow, well they've had them for a little while now... you know how I know, yep, I got one already.  Anyways, happy early Valentine's day for the few of my friends/family members that actually read this, and why not give your love a biscuit tomorrow instead of candy?  Just a thought ... I know I'd enjoy it more ;)

Wow, what a delicious lookin' bacon egg and cheese biscuit!

mMm look at that precious Bo-Berry :)

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