Monday, October 3, 2011

From our kitchen to yours : Breakfast Casserole

mMm I love breakfast ... LOVE IT ! Seriously, biscuits (bacon,egg,cheese,sausage, etc), cinnamon rolls, grits, french toast, muffins, bagels, cereal ... I LOVE IT ALL ! Sadly, working and working 45 mins from home means my breakfast normally consists of a bag of dry Bran Flakes and a glass of water on my commute :( Sad, I know.  Soooooo I heard this little ditty this weekend and Charles and I are going to try to adjust our eating habits, " Breakfast like a King, lunch like a queen and dinner like a pauper". Yeah okay so in simple terms, big ole yummy breakfast to kick start your day, medium but substantial lunch, and tiny dinner.  This is what we normally did Kim- Little breakfast, little lunch, BIG dinner.  Charles- little breakfast, medium lunch, BIG dinner.  This is hard for most working folks because dinner time is when you have time to cook/eat/fellowship, not during breakfast.  And packing lunch is no fun, I mean it's always nice to have left overs from dinner, but it's normally a 1/2 sandwich, fruit, and pretzels for me...blah. 

Okay, okay, so tackling my breakfast fit for a king ... last night I made my super yummy Breakfast Casserole and we are eating on it all week, or as long as it lasts :)

Roll of sausage - shhhh don't tell Charles ours is turkey sausage, what he doesn't know won't hurt him.
Shredded cheddar cheese
Skim milk
12 eggs
reduce fat cresent rolls - 2 tubes

Brown sausage

Drain out all the excess fat/liquid

All other ingredients

Line a 9x13 pan, with non stick spray and cresent rolls, make sure there are no holes in the seams. And, make sure you cover the bottom and the sides of the pan with dough.

Fill pan with cooked sausage and cheese

In a separate bowl, crack 12 eggs, add a splash of milk and a bit of salt and pepper.  Mix throughly.

Pour egg mixture over sausage and cheese.

If you love cheese, like me, sprinkle a little bit more on top before baking :)

Bake a 350 for 35 minute or until it passes the "jiggle test". Yes, shake pan while still in the oven, make sure you use an oven mit, to ensure all contents are cooked. If it's still jiggles, let it cook a little more.

Oh my YUM ! Eat fresh or let cool, refridgerate, and eat later!  Cut into squares, or big ole rectangles and microwave for about 30-40 seconds, serve with a glass of milk and some fresh fruit and there you've got it... Breakfast for a King :)

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