Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Good Finds: Pastor Steve's Sermons

Love love love Temple Baptist Church and Pastor Steve Cobb !  What a blessing !  Two great sermons he's preached the last 2 sundays dealing with Marriage and our roles and husband and wife, beautiful reminders of love and grace.  Here's the notes, read them, commit them to memory, and live them daily.  I love my husband, Charles, through the abundance and overflowing love I recieve from the Lord. I'm not saying this is easy and that it's something I've got down pat ... not at all.  I'm showing you this to urge you on brother and sister to cherish the relationships God has blessed us with and help your spouse reach their full potential. You can listen to the sermons here.   Enjoy :)

Message to the Husbands

Message to the wives

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