Monday, July 25, 2011

From our kitchen to yours : Pioneer Woman's Apple Dumplings

Ohhhh good heavens these are amazing ! AND SO SIMPLE TOO ! Please, please promise me you'll make them soon.  I used this amazing recipe here by Pioneer Woman and they were to die for :) Our life group gobbled them right up :)

oh and a couple of changes, if y'all know me, I don't buy name brand soooooo I used Great Value brand cresent rolls, butter, ice cream (do serve with ice cream, it's a must) and Mountain Lion or some other cheap cousin of Mt. Dew.  Go see the tutorial/ recipe here ... I didn't have time to take pictures while I was making it and well, Pioneer Woman's tutorials are great :) Enjoy !

              Photo Credit to Pioneer Woman too :) I'm a lazy blogger ... sorry !

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