Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Funny Semi-Failures: Heat-less Curls attempt #2

haha and they both ended up under funny failures ... sad :( well this one wasn't a complete failure, I meannnn it just wasn't perfect like I wanted it to be.  See this tutorial here ... Thanks Happy Together for posting the link to the video tutorial ! Maybe you can come to NC and roll my hair so it can look at cute as yours :)

So go here to view the tutorial No Heat Curls

Basically, take a head band thingy, the ones you wear when you're exercising to keep the wispies back, put it around your forehead, wrap hair in sections around the band until you look like Martha Washington, sleep in it, and viola beautiful curls ! haha here's a few pictures of me :) Man I must really love ya'll to be showing you some of these images !

Right before bed, no make up and crease already indented in my forehead

Rolled "Martha" hair with band moved to hair line

Good morning beautiful

Held up pretty well over night

Right after the band was taken out



After I brushed them a bit
Finished product
Mostlikely I will try this again because it is a decent way to get some body and movent to your hair without any damage.  Next time, I will try to wrap the hair more carefully.  Well, let me know if you try it and how it works for you :)

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