Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Growin' like a Weed: Taylor - 12 months

Height: 28.5in

Weight:  18lbs 

Likes: Taylor is amazing!  Each day is a joy!  Yes, she gets clingy and fussy at times, but other than that... she likes life! haha Okay, Taylor enjoys music, playing with toys and snuggling soft blankets and stuffed animals.   She really likes her "paci" but Mommy and Daddy don't like her having it in her mouth all day, so unless she's exceptionally fussy, it's reserved for naps/bed.  Taylor enjoys climbing, splashing and WALKING! Yes, she started her journey right around Christmas! I'd still say she primarily crawls, but she's getting more confident each day! 

Dislikes: haha still hates nails being trimmed and socks.  I put shoes on her, once.  I don't really plan on doing it again. She wasn't terrible or anything, I just don't think she wants, or needs them.  She doesn't like chicken.  I make her eat it.  We eat chicken 80% of the time as our source of protein at dinner, and she just kind of tolerates it.  She also dislikes her sister when she's a brat.  Snatching toys, pushing her down, pulling her hair, giving her a "mean face" can you blame her though?  I can't wait to see this "big" little sister in full force one day! All I can say is you better be ready B! 

Sleeping: I knew she would start sleeping through the night.  Yes, it took 11.5 months, but she did it and I never made her cry-it-out.  Yes, I did a modified C-I-O with Brooke, and I hated every second of it and now she sleeps like CRAP most nights.  haha Sorry again Brooke.  I really am sorry you had to be our first child guinea pig :(  T is still taking two naps a day (and doing a pretty consistent job with the lengths).  She's soooo easy to put to sleep and I'm grateful for it.  Not going to lie, I do enjoy some snuggles with her still if I get the chance.  Not much sweeter than watching your little blessing peacefully rest all nuzzled up close to her Momma! 
Eating: Like-a-BOSS!  Yes, Taylor is so stinkin' good at eating! Most days, she devours whatever I put on her plate.  I'm talking everything that we eat, she eats.  I have wasted two containers of  puffs (buying them and THINKING she would eat them) but they've gone stale and she could care less!  She makes a MESS eating, because she really doesn't appreciate having a bib in the way, so she only wears it about half of the time.  I don't really "Momma Bird" everything anymore.  She still only has 2 teeth but she's become pretty independent and prefers pieces instead of a pile of mush. So I just cut or squish everything pretty small.  I'm sooooooooooooooooooooooo thankful for our good eaters!  She still nurses when she wakes up in the morning, around 1pm and then again at bedtime.  She drinks water and almond milk from a sippy cup.  I guess I should try whole milk soon.  I thought I'd be sad about weaning her, but like big sister, she's pretty much self weaning and I'm good with it!  

Playing: With Brooke's birthday, Christmas and Taylor's birthday... we're kind of on new toy overload.  I've had to put a lot of toys away and out of sight so we can focus on just a few items and try not to overload the playroom.  T loves anything she can chew on or make a noise with.  Stuffed animals, especially cats, are still her favorite. And she's oddly intrigued with reptiles and rodents at the pet store.  Dear Lord PLEASE don't have us get a snake or lizard one day!  She's getting really adventurous with her mobility and is having fun walking and climbing. It's fun to let the girls interact together.  We're right on the cusp of something good with B and T starting to "play" together.  She still could care less about whatever is on the TV and is just now getting into reading books.  

Big Sister: Is a mess.  She is full of energy and spunk and has a vivid imagination.  Whatever movie we watch, she is.  I think we watched Tangled 10 times within the last 2 weeks, and she has been wearing her purple Rapunzel dress and "panging" everything with her frying pan all while singing (at the top of her lungs) "Thu last time I see thu flotin' lights" haha her version of "and at last I see the light".  It's precious.  Seriously.  Brooke has some  good days, and some bad.  She pushes our buttons and has been fighting bedtime like it's her job.  Looks like her lil afternoon nap will be going away soon.  Either way, we love her to pieces and can't help but smile, and laugh, at her and with her.  Y'all, the things this kid says is hilarious.  I know, I know, all toddlers are like this, it's awesome. I love being a Mom and I am beyond blessed to have these two little ladies entrusted in our care. 

Alrighty.  We're done folks.  No more monthly updates until the next lil one arrives!  Prayers appreciated! 

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