Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Growin' Like a Weed: Taylor - 5 Months

Height: 24" (%)
Weight: 15 lbs (%)

Likes: Sitting up! She does it all day long for a really long time!  The funny thing is, she still has yet to roll over by herself.  Taylor really likes big sister talking to her and playing with her.  She also seems to like "talking" and squealing loudly.  We read a book, Baby's Hug-a-Bible before bed every night and she really enjoys looking at the pages and touching them. She also likes to be held by Mommy, alot. 

Dislikes: Hmmm.  This is tough.  It really depends on the day.  Taylor is still insanely inconsistent with the time she wakes up in the morning...  6:30 one day, 8:15 the next.  She is also very "vocal" shall we say when she doesn't want to go down for a nap or bed.  We also went to the swimming pool (crowded cold YMCA pool with loud kids and a lot of splashing) and she didn't like it at all!  She's also not a fan of dinner time because she sees us eating and wants in on the fun!  All in all, she doesn't like loud people and over stimulating atmospheres. Hey, can you blame her?

Sleeping: 3 naps a day (wake up - 2 hours awake - 45 min nap - awake 2-3 hours - 1.5 - 3 hour nap - awake for 2 hours - 45 minute nap - awake for 2 hours bed - asleep 6-7 hours - nurse - sleep 3-5 more hours)  If she won't go back to sleep at her mid day nap or after nursing, I lay her down beside me on the twin bed in her room and we snooze.  It's sweet.  I kinda love it.  

Eating: This varies.  She gets distracted REALLY easily so she's done a lot of half feedings, hungry in an hour kinda deals lately.  She also doesn't cry when she's hungry, she just gets fussy and won't let me put her down to play. haha her tell tell sign is looking at my boobs, yes. I know she wants to eat if she's constantly looking at my boobs.  She still won't take a bottle. Taylor seems to REALLY want to eat solids, but I want to wait until 6 months.  So far though she has tried peas, banana, cool ranch doritos, pork loin, watermelon, sweet potato and blueberries from our plates.  She's liked them ALL and cries when you take the food away.

Playing: Taylor still really likes her activity mat and is really good at playing with her toys and pretty much anything you put in front of her!  She giggles a lot and really likes to "sing" when there's music on.  Everything goes in her mouth (pre-teething) and she's really strong!  She enjoys tummy time, especially if she's near a mirror.  I think Taylor's favorite place to play is in the bath with big sister! Their giggles are priceless!

Big Sister: Brooke asked to hold Taylor for the first time.  Yes. It  took her 5 months to want to hold her sister (while seated) and she asks to hold her frequently.  She's soooooooooooooooo good at running over to check on Taylor if she's fussing and try to console her.  She also likes to "baby talk" goo goo ga ga high pitch crap to her, which as you can tell, I'm not a fan of.  haha Brooke also likes to squeeze Taylor's chub and say squishy squishy and pretty much laugh and talk to "Tayur" all day long!  Brooke is a great big sister and is happy on Taylor's fussy day, because she gets to watch more TV/movies. 

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