Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Growin' Like a Weed: Taylor - 1 Month

Height: 21" (23.5%)
Weight: 8lbs 9oz (38.7%)

Likes: Just like big sister at this age, Taylor really likes being held and moving. You can't lay this chick down at all, okay maybe 5 minutes on her back without her spitting up or fussing.  Oh, and try to leave the room when she's awake... not gonna happen! Taylor seems to like the car seat, and baths a lot better than Brooke at this age too. 

Dislikes: Not being held, big sister squeezing her face with crazy tight hugs and always having her head rubbed violently (I can't even count how many times a day I tell Brooke that her head and face is off limits!). Oh yes, and bedtime.  Taylor won't go to sleep at a set "bedtime".  She'll fuss, nurse, fuss, scream, sleep, set her down, wake up, scream, want to nurse, all in the matter of an hour.  And nursing at night... yeah, she totally forgets how to eat.  Like can't suck to save her life.  It's annoying. 

Sleeping: Naps a lot better than big sister did!  She likes to be around us and moving when she's sleeping so our fisher price soothing motions old school glider seems to work well.  And this little princess must be on a soft, warm blanket... NOT swaddled.  Ohhh she hates being swaddled and will grunt and wiggle until she gets her arms free.  Mittens, I mean socks, are a must.  I'm glad she's not swaddled, but not being swaddled has it's own list of annoyances.  Her crazy mitten hands can bat her paci clear across her swing!  At night, the longest stretch has been from 8-1 (5 hours) and that doesn't happen much. 

Eating: She's gaining weight like a champ!  Though she spits up a ton :(  Brooke didn't spit up... at all.  I swear I go through 5 burp cloths a day with Taylor.  I don't feel like I have an over supply, but I guess I do?  I can't lay her on her back after she nurses, or else she'll spew so trying to do anything (change a diaper, play, etc.) is almost impossible.  Then when I can put her down, it's time for nap time so she barely plays by herself.  I hope her little stomach outgrows this phase quickly.   The doctor is pretty positive it's not reflux. 

Playing: Eh.  She likes her activity mat, when I can put her down on it, but it's inevitable she's going to spit up on it. She's really good at batting at the toys, though not intentional movements, I know.  She coos and has fun looking at herself in the mirror.  Big sister is so sweet and really likes to help her "play".  I hope she becomes more playful soon!

Big Sister: Let me just say it's definitely been harder adjusting from 1 to 2 kids than having 1 kid.  I know that sounds crazy, but I really can't believe how easy the newborn phase was now looking back on it.  Juggling 2 kids from 7am - 5:30pm is no joke.  Props to all moms out there.  especially the ones that get out of their pajamas and actually do the things you pin on pinterest.  I am super productive somedays, others... Lord help me! Brooke really loves Taylor and talks about her all the time.  The cutest things are when she gets excited about doing things together and thinks that Taylor will be a big girl like her... tomorrow! haha Bless her little heart!  She gets jealous, a lot, and it shows with temper tantrums and acting out, and saying funny thinks like "I cannot want to do _____, Mommy!"  Oh yes, and the ever lovely "drop Taylor, Mommy"... i.e. please set Taylor down and come play with me.  Gotta love that girl! I'm SOOOOOOO impressed Brooke's sleeping and potty training didn't revert at all.  She's actually napping better and is fully potty trained (except for naps and bedtime). She wouldn't poop for the longest time in the potty but we mastered that together! 

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