Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Growin' Like a Weed: 6 Months

Height: 25in  (30%)
Weight: 12lbs  13oz (5%, but the Dr. isn't concerned, he said she's perfectly petite and well proportioned)

Likes: Sitting up by herself, rolling from her back to her tummy, inch worming across the floor on her back, eating her hands, giving kisses, singing and talking loudly!  Brooke is growing into a playful and hilarious little girl!  She smiles at everyone and everything! Even on her fussy days, she manages to make us smile!
Dislikes: Napping.  Okay, not always but it's like she has a switch, if it's flipped, she'll take a nap without a fuss or care in the word, if the switch is off... ohhh you're in for it!  haha She'll fuss herself plum frustrated and there's nothing you can do (inside, outside, play, walk, sing, read a book) to make her happy. Then she gets over it... crazy, I know!  She also doesn't like her carseat for long rides (i.e. to Raleigh) and she really doesn't care for the sun in her face on evening walks.  She's starting to cry when I drop her off at daycare in the morning, too.

Sleeping: Nap info above.  Also, she can't nap if she's not in her crib, or at her crib at daycare, and sometimes in the car.  She will not nap in her pack n play or in her cousins crib.  haha Grandma did get her to nap in a stroller though.  Brooke normally naps every 2 hours or so, but sometimes, she's awake 4+ without a nap.  The crazy thing is, she's not fussy, unless you make her nap when she's supposed to and doesn't want to.  She's GREAT at night time sleep.  She has had a crummy bout lately with waking up early in the morning... we're still working on that some mornings. She sleeps on her back but can now roll over to her tummy. She has to be REALLY tired to sleep on her tummy, if not, she fusses until you come and get her.
Eating:  Brooke LOVES her "milkies" as we call it! haha I'm still nursing her and it's really been the easiest part of motherhood for me.  She'll eat anywhere.  I love seeing her sweet face when she's calm and satisfied after she eats.  It warms my heart to know that I am creating the perfect nourishment for her growing body!  Brooke also started solids last month! We started out with giving her whole foods and letting her play with it, yeah that didn't work too well.  Then we went to the mesh feeders, she liked it, but I didn't like cleaning it.  SO we waited a few days and tried pureed food again, and she loved it!  I make her food (bananas, avocado, apples, sweet potatoes, and peas so far).  She's having fun eating and she's REALLY cute when she eats!
Playing: This child loves to play! She's really into sitting up and grabbing her toys.  She likes music and singing.  She has fun looking at the mirror and standing up holding onto things.  Brooke's favorite toys are her hands and feet, this child can keep herself entertained... it's awesome!  Brooke really likes to play with Mommy and Daddy.  We aren't really using the exersaucer or walker anymore because I read somewhere it halts their movement/balance.  Brooke likes to roll from her back to tummy but hasn't yet mastered tummy to back. 

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