Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Growin' like a weed: 4 Months

Height: 23.3” (%)
Weight: 11lbs 8oz (%)
She hasn't changed since 3 months... but, that was our "at home evaluation". 

Likes: Talking, singing, standing in the exersaucer, standing while being held, Mommy... she's a pretty happy baby, except when it comes to naptime!  She is so expressive and really responds well when we play with her.  Her facial expressions and "conversations" crack us up! She's also getting MUCH better at riding in her car seat!
Dislikes: SLEEPING! Honestly... I could go on and on, but I'll save that rant for the next section.  She doesn't like tummy time, but she's getting better at it, I think she just wants to roll over and can't doing it consistently so she gets frustrated.  There's really not much she doesn't like... except for naps and sleeping! 
Sleeping: Oh my... this has honestly been the toughest thing.  You would think I have Mt. Dew in my boobs! Baby girl cannot get herself to sleep without us being deliberate to make her rest. It's VERY frustrating, especially because she started 1/2 days at daycare and will go anywhere from 5-6 hours (wake up - when we get home) to take a nap.  It's INSANE!  Our night time prayers are solely focused on this!  She's still swaddled (one arm out).  Night time wakings are normally 1-2 times, sometimes she nurses, other times, she just wants to be held.
Eating:  So good! Brooke is eating like a champ from the boob and the bottle!!! I had a plugged milk duct but it went away within a few days and wasn't too incredibly painful.  The doctor said we could start her on solids at her 4 month check up because "it's fun for them"... ehh I think we'll wait until 6 months, thanks for the OK though!
Playing: She LOVES being in the Exersaucer ... or being upright in general.  She is always happy to sit/stand (with assistance).  She hasn't rolled over by herself in a while, but is totally engaged in all of her toys! She's really good at grabbing toys with both hands and holding onto them.  She can also push buttons on some of her toys and make the music/lights come on. 


  1. How is she 4 mos already?!!! She's adorable! If you want to rant about sleep issues, email me. I have lots of stories and tips. We had sleep issues with all three kids - all different issues at all different ages! LOL And people wonder why I look like I do! I have not had a good night's sleep in 22 years! LOL Hugs!