Friday, December 9, 2011

Home Sweet Home : Over 2 year old, $1 Wilton Gingerbread House

Oh my ... Can I just say, again, how much I adore my husband! He is hilarious and truly a gem! What other husband says, "okay, instead of watching football or studying for one of my grad school final exams tonight, I'll go to with you to Ihop to get your free birthday meal ecoupon and then come home and waste 2 hours making an old, stale gingerbread house!" hahahaha

So I got off work, met Charles at an investment property we may be purchasing (I really liked it).  Then we headed home, got changed ... into sweatpants a hoodie, because we were headed out to dinner.  You know that is the proper attire for Ihop :) We split a bacon cheeseburger, and both got waters. Went up to the register with a smile on our face and the email print out and left ... yep, almost $9 in free food and sadly the last of my free birthday ecoupons.  (no worries, we did tip our waitress eventhough she was ... well, once again y'all ... it was Ihop)

So on our way home, Charles said "Kim, I don't have much school work tonight.  Do you have any of those trashy shows you watch coming on? "  I then checked tvguide on my phone and sadly saw there was once again no Grey's or Private Practice.  So, what to do ?  Duh, decorate an over 2 year old Wilton Gingerbread house we bought at AC Moore for $1 that has been taking up room in my craft area!!!  And yes, Charles agreed upon those plans :) Not only did he agree, he took over the role of construction manager and entertainment specialist, i.e. brought his phone over and found an awesome Detriot, MI radio station on the internet that played great Christmas music.  We have made a gingerbread house before ... I think we were engaged, probably right before Christmas of '08, see picture below... haha.

Our first gingerbread house!

NC ...

SU ...

Wolfpack! I know ... Typical us :)

Icing fight !

Well, we wanted to see if we could make this house a little more sophisticated.  I'm just going to put some pictures up and you can see how the evening went!  haha we had so much fun! And once again ... I love that dear, sweet man with all my heart! I smile just thinking about him ! Praise God for my amazing husband and Christmas time :)

Charles holding the Gingerbread house kit

haha his genius plan to hold the walls in place

Me having fun decorating! Until my cheap plastic bag they gave me popped at the seam :(

CG putting the "snow" on the lawn
Paving the front walkway ...

A Barrett Gingerbread house isn't complete without a little icing fight :)

Icing tear ...

Our finished product !

It looks just like the box ! haha take the Wilton :)

I mean, I'd live there :)

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