Friday, July 17, 2015

Growin' Like a Weed: Taylor - 6 Months

Height: 25" (25%)

Weight: 15 lbs 13oz (50%)

Likes: Pretty much the same as her last post! haha still hasn't rolled over, still likes Mommy, still likes sitting up, etc.  We went to the beach with my hubby's family and she seemed to like the pool and didn't mind the ocean.  All in all she's WAYYYYY more adaptable than Brooke was! She still likes food, or the idea of it and tries to pull at your plate while you're eating.  She loves being held and doesn't seem to mind the car (if the music is on and if she can see Mommy).

Dislikes: Morning sleep. haha she wakes up at dang 5:30 everyday and I have  to try to get her back to sleep, which means I don't fall back asleep, which means a looooong day! Oh well! She doesn't like it when I leave the room.  Yes, separation anxiety. And she really doesn't like to keep her poop in her diaper. I swear she has 1-3 blowouts a day. I think her butt hole is angled wrong. hahaha She still hates putting on or taking off clothes,  but gets over it quickly. She doesn't like sister "palming her head" and being all up in her face. Bless!

Sleeping: Wakes up and starts the day around 6:30-7, awake for 2.5 to 3 hours then naps (1.5 to 2 hrs), awake for 3 hours, another nap, awake until bedtime (7:15-8 ish).  She wakes once (anywhere from 12-2) to nurse and then has been waking up at 5:30am to start her day, but I always get her back to sleep. She slept GREAT at the beach, in a closet with an air vent.  It was AMAZING how well she slept... 12 hours one night!

Eating: She is a snacker. Like nurses, fussy/eyeing my boobs an hour later, nurses again, then nurses again when she wakes up from each nap. So ehhh 6-8 feedings a day. But they're like 5-8 minutes each. I've also introduced some solids, but they're just to keep her occupied while we're eating. Pretty much just banana and whatever we're eating that I can mush on my finger and put in her mouth.

Playing: She likes to sit up and play with toys. The little barn, the big barn, plastic animals, wooden stacking rings, etc. Her fine motor skills and dexterity are ridiculous! She has amazing precision and control of her hands and arms.  She also is really good at sitting up and can tolerate a bouncy seat or an exersaucer for a little bit, but prefers to be in the action playing with Mommy and sister. Oh yes. And EVERYTHING goes in her mouth!

Big Sister: LOVESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS Taylor. Gracious. Baby talk ALL.DAY.LONG I mean it's sweet how she always wants to touch her, squish her, kiss her, ANNOY HER. haha she's awesome and we can't wait to see their little friendship blossom! Brooke's favorite thing now is playing like she's a baby... yeah. And anytime I'm not holding Taylor, "Mommy, can you please hold me?" Gotta love em!