Thursday, November 12, 2015

Growin' Like a Weed: Taylor - 10 Months

Height: 27in

Weight:  16lbs (according to my scale at home)

Likes: Mommy, Ms. Marsha and Aunt Effie! haha No offense Daddy, but for some reason, Taylor is particularly happy when these ladies are in her presence and could seemingly care less if I'm in the room! Hmmm this month we have caught ourselves, on numerous occasions saying "wow! Taylor is really growing up fast!"  Most days she's a go with the flow kinda gal.  Given she does have her fussy episodes every now and then, but she never misses an opportunity to flash her smile or give a friendly wave to a stranger! Taylor also seems to really like loud music.  Specifically weddings with a live band and praise and worship at my sister's church! 

Dislikes: This is getting harder and harder (praise the Lord!) to write! Like I said above, she's pretty awesome! There are times at which she'd much rather be held than down on the floor playing or eating something that she shouldn't, but she gets over it, or gets distracted, or I give in and hold her! haha She's learned to sleep in the car!  Many a prayer was said over our 6 hour drive to Georgia and chick was a champ! And I would still stay she prefers not to be in a stroller, shopping cart, or car seat most days. 

Sleeping: Wakes up and starts the day around 6:30-7, awake for 2.5 to 3 hours then naps (1-2 hrs), awake for 3 hours, another nap, awake until bedtime (7:30-8ish). She's still not sleeping through the night, but I don't really care.  I think her morning nap is getting shorter, so I've got to re-evaluate that.  It's SOOOOOOOOO nice having them take their afternoon nap at the same time (can I get an AMEN). She's a funny girl when it comes to snuggling though.  She wants to be held, awkwardly upright on your torso, with her hand tugging at/reaching up your shirt sleeve. And chick gets TICKED if you have on a tight shirt that she can't easily grab at!

Eating: Still going strong nursing.  She'll eat the occasional bite or two of whatever we're eating at meal times and she's a beast at using her pointer finger and thumb to pick up cheerios, peas, carrots and puffs (but really not getting enough to make her full and drop a feeding).  Wait for it... SHE NOW HAS 2 TEETH!  haha not that that helps in any way, shape or form, but she looks so dagum adorable!  She's CONSTANTLY grabbing at my plate (remember before, chick sits on MY LAP, not her high chair to eat) and I am pretty much covered with food at.all.times.  Ice cream and smoothies still seem to be her favorite.  She's not a fan of baby food.  I momma bird her a lot (aka chew up food and give it to her, or break it into super tiny pieces) and give it to her to eat by shoving it in her mouth! I keep trying to sit her in her high chair more, but most meals, she ends up right back in my lap.

Playing: EVERYTHING.GOES.IN.HER.MOUTH.STILL  So she doesn't really "play" she just licks or "noms" on things, as we affectionately call it. She's cautiously "cruising" now, taking a step or two and is almost standing on her own.  She lets go a lot or squats and stands really well.  I feel like it's going to be a quick, and out of the blue thing like ... WHOA, Taylor is walking!?  She likes animals, especially the cats at the pet store or our neighbors super friendly tabby cat.  She's always getting into something, and I'm pretty much OK with it.  I mean, I'm not going to let her crawl around the floor of a restaurant or Walmart, but church, the park, the grass, etc. she's free to roam. 

Big Sister: Wow.  This is tough.  Like seriously I struggle EACH AND EVERY DAY trying to wrap my brain around her.  Ok, for 2 years, you were the only one.  We doted on you and took care of you, and now you have to share our attention.  Brooke acts out in what we see as jealously all day, everyday.  Okay, yes, I'm exaggerating but it's a lot.  Trying to figure out and appropriate discipline technique that will teach her and transform her heart is pretty dang challenging.  And each day is different. Some days she LOVES Taylor and loves playing and is so much fun, the next... Lord help me, I'm about to send her packin'! Brooke is officially 3 now and as sweet as can be.  She is my child. And that's an amazing thing! Praise God for my first born, who in my eyes, will always be my baby!